CSW Broadband have been rolling out fibre broadband across Warwickshire and Solihull. Over 57,000 properties are now able to connect to the new network, and to buy superfast broadband from a wide range of Internet Service Providers.
Because the project is reaching out to some of the most rural (and therefore most difficult) areas, different technologies are coming into play. So, residents and businesses may have thought that they were excluded from the rollout because they are in very remote locations, or because they are connected directly to the local exchange.
The new technologies enable CSW Broadband to reach even these areas, and the project team are urging everyone to see if superfast broadband is already available, or if it is planned by the end of 2019.
In the first instance, to see if superfast broadband is planned in your area by the end of 2019 go to the unique property-level checker. For the full list of areas which have been announced to date, please check the CSW Broadband Rolling 12-Month Plan. If you are not sure which structure you are currently connected to then you will need to check the BT DSL Checker. There is also a useful page on the project website which explains how to use the BT Line Checker and how to interpret the results.
If you are not included in the current rollout plans, then don’t despair. CSW Broadband are currently out to tender for up to £20m additional coverage, and should be able to map the results of the procurement by the autumn. If you register your details the team will keep you up to date with what is happening in your area.
Visit the website below to access all the resources mentioned above.