Luke Ryder from NFU is looking into the Broadband speeds experienced by farmers and rural businesses based in Warwickshire. So that he can gather as much information as possible it would be helpful if anyone based in Warwickshire could test the upload and download speeds of their broadband.
To run the speed test you can use one of the options below:
Desktop/Latptop: This Which? Link is known to be reliable and works well on desktops and laptop computers – just simply click the ‘start speed test ‘ button and it should give you a download and an upload speed – it does also work on tablets and phones but just in case there is the link below as well:
Tablet/Mobile Phone & Desktop/Laptop: This is a speed test from Ookla who run an easy to use tablet and smartphone free app that runs speed tests. This will direct users to their app store to download it – OR will let them go to a webpage where they can simply click ‘Begin Test’ and it will give them a similar download and upload test result:
Once you have ran the speed tests please email your name, postcode (or area) and both the download and upload values in Megabits per second/Mbps.
Send the information to or text to 07766745495.