Are you interested in what is happening with the rollout of superfast broadband in your area? Do you think that others would like to know more? We are looking for Local Broadband Champions across Warwickshire and Solihull, but particularly in those areas where future coverage is planned.
We currently have over 220 Champions who are working with us to circulate information about our project and to feed back to us about specific issues in their areas. Our Local Broadband Champions are the eyes and ears of their local community and provide an invaluable service in letting people know what is happening with the project and giving us information about the situation on the ground.
So, what does it involve? Local Champions are likely to do some, or all, of the following: putting posters on noticeboards; delivering flyers to households; working alongside parish councils; posting updates to social networking pages; forwarding news to local contacts and website editors.
All information and materials are provided by the CSW Broadband team, and Champions will receive information about what has worked well elsewhere.
If you would like to find out more about being a Local Broadband Champion please visit: