An important survey has been launched that deals with electric wayleaves and the impact they have on agriculture particularly since modern farm machinery has become larger. It’s essential that the electric wayleave compensation farmers receive recognises the impact pylons and poles have on farm businesses. Now is your chance to make sure this happens!
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The survey which is being run by ADAS on behalf of the NFU and the Energy Networks Association has gone live on the NFU website and will be being promoted over the coming weeks. It is very important‎ that we get as many members as possible who are affected by electric pylons and poles to complete this survey. This survey will lead on to what ground survey work is carried out now through late spring, summer and autumn. So for example this might be timing how long it takes a modern sprayer to go round a pylon situated in the middle of a field etc. If you would like to see wayleave payments changed to better reflect losses and interference, now is your chance,