The TB advisory service has been set up to enable cattle keepers to access specialist advice on building resilience to bovine tuberculosis (bTB). The service is fully-funded by Defra through the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE), and is available to farmers in the High Risk and Edge areas of England. Eligible farmers will receive bespoke advice on biosecurity and the risks associated with cattle movements and trading. Funding has been secured to provide on-farm advice visits to 2,400 businesses over a three year period, along with a telephone advice service for farmers with specific questions relating to bTB.
The service is being delivered by trained consultants from ADAS, Kingshay and Westpoint Farm Vets, overseen by a Technical Board comprising experts in the field of bTB. The consultants will be available to give advice on all aspects of TB, including badger ecology, biosecurity, building design and trading options. Where farmers are currently free of bTB, advice will focus on the steps available to protect from disease incursions. For farms under TB restrictions, advice on trading options will be available, both on and off the holding, together with measures to prevent repeated reinfection of cattle.
If any eligible farmers would like to register for the service please contact Holly Shearman to register some details including your CPH and SBI numbers. And if you would like to receive an on-farm Advice Visit, you will also need to sign and return a Privacy Notice before a visit can take place.
Farmers can use the TB Advisory service via email or telephone call and farm visits may be necessary depending on the nature of the query. Contact details are below.