NFU have put together some information on the main reasons for cross compliance failures in 2016, after the RPA released statistics from inspections.
The figures show that the amount of breaches in 2016 came to a total of 3,141. This total includes the additional inspections that were carried out, due to the number of failures found in previous years for SMR 4 (Nitrate Vulnerable Zones) and SMR 7 (Cattle ID). The total number of failures is a decrease on 2015 (3801 failures in 2015).
The top breach of cross compliance in 2016 was SMR 4TB – Food & Feed Law, which was also the top breach in 2015. The main reason was failure to ensure that all eligible animals conformed to the national herd health surveillance and testing intervals for TB.
SMR 7 Cattle ID & registration came next with 27% of the total failures in 2016. This is a slight increase compared with 2015 (847 compared with 829 in 2015). The main reasons were that movement details were not recorded or incorrectly recorded, death of an animal not recorded, animals not found in the farm records, missing tags haven’t been replaced within 28 days, animals present but without passport/CoR/CPP 35 or incorrect date of birth.