CSW Broadband are looking to work even more closely with parish councils from the autumn. What they would like to know now is what would parish councils find most helpful to assist you in informing your residents about the broadband rollout and answering their questions? Some of the things that the CSW Broadband team are already doing include:
• Producing a range of articles (monthly) that can be used for newsletters and on websites
• Sending out monthly e-newsletter to everybody who is registered onto the project system. Please register your details as soon as possible, since this brings additional benefits
• Once work starts in an area the team will email everyone who is registered onto the system to let them know what is happening
• Once the service actually goes live CSW Broadband will email everyone who is registered onto the system to tell them that they can order a service from an ISP of their choice, with advice on how to do this
• Producing flyers to advise people when work is starting, and again when the system goes live (but the team do need help to get these delivered!)
What would help you, as a parish council, to keep your residents informed about the broadband rollout?
Please drop an email to broadband@cswbroadband.org.uk, and the team will develop a plan that incorporates as many of your suggestions as possible.