Under the new rules you will be able to apply to register all the land you use within a 10 mile radius, whether on a permanent or temporary basis, under the same CPH number. You will be able to move animals around that registered land, within a 10-mile radius, without the need to report movements and without triggering a six-day standstill. Reporting and standstill requirements for livestock movements to other farms or businesses will continue to apply.
• All CTS links will be withdrawn by summer 2017 under the new system. If you have a CTS link you do not need to do anything now. BCMS will contact you before your link is due to expire to explain your options.
• All SOAs will be withdrawn. If you have a SOA you do not need to do anything now. Defra will write to you with further information on the options that will be available to you.
• The Sheep and Goats batch reporting exemption between different holdings within the same business (provided keepership does not change) will be removed.
• The Sheep and Goats adjacent moves reporting exemption (allowing keepers not to report frequent sheep or goat movements to contiguous (adjacent) land on a different holding) will be removed.
• Batch-tagged slaughter sheep and goats will continue to be identified with just their flock number.
The new rules will be introduced from July 2016 and will be phased in over the next year, to be completed by summer/autumn 2017. The sheep and goat movement reporting exemptions will then end on 1 January 2018.
For full details of the new rules and what they will mean for you, please visit the website: