If your current water abstraction licence is due to expire, and you want to continue to abstract, you need to apply for a new licence at least 3 months before the existing licence expires. The Environment Agency will only renew your licence if:
• your abstraction continues to be environmentally sustainable;
• you can demonstrate that you have a continuing need for the water;
• that you will use water efficiently.
For more information on applying for a water abstraction licence, please visit the website below.
Environment Agency have announced that they are checking compliance with abstraction licence conditions. These checks are via reactive, unannounced visits to assess compliance with ‘Hands-Off Flow’ (HOF) restrictions. If your licence contains a HOF condition you are required to stop or reduce your abstraction when river levels are low. EA will write to you as soon as river levels start falling and again if a restriction is imposed. You must comply with the terms of the restriction until they tell you that river levels are high enough for you to abstract again.