Livestock producers across the country are being urged to submit lambs with suspected Schmallenberg virus (SBV) for post-mortem examination as the number of confirmed cases continues to grow. Lambing flocks across the country have experienced higher than normal losses from deformed lambs. Early calving herds have also experienced calves affected with congenital defects. Farmers and vets need to be vigilant through the lambing and calving period. It is very important that, if producers encounter lambs or calves with deformities, they contact their vets so post-mortem examination can be carried out to establish whether Schmallenberg is the cause.
When APHA suspects SBV they will fund the testing for SBV. Test results, whether negative or positive, allow you to confirm or rule out specific disease issues in that animal and potentially in the wider herd/flock, so there is value to the individual farm in investigation. There is more information on SBV cases in lambs and calves confirmed by APHA in England and Wales during December 2016 and January 2017, and about the arrangements for SBV testing on the APHA Vet Gateway website