Do you know your costs of production? How does your performance compare to others? Would you like data to help you improve your efficiency and returns?
What is Stocktake?
· Stocktake is a secure benchmarking service which is open to all English levy payers at no extra cost.
· Stocktake is a cost and performance comparison service which draws on information collected from beef and
sheep enterprises.
· Stocktake has been tailor-made for commercial English producers, to analyse the efficiency and profitability of
their livestock enterprises.
· Stocktake is a stand-alone service operated by Eblex. The results are confidential and independent. Figures
collected and analysed are not influenced by the marketing messages of commercial companies.
· Stocktake’s comparisons can be based on net margins at enterprise level, so farmers can judge like-against like.
What is involved?
· Participating farmers typically spend no more than half of a day assembling the basic farm costs information, one of our trained collectors will come to your farm, collect information and upload it for you.
· Once analysed, farmers will receive a detailed report of their figures which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of their business compared to similar operators in the county.
If you are a commercial beef or sheep farmer and are interested, then please contact Richard Meredith.