AHDB are in the process of organising several events in the West Midlands this year and are looking for farmers to host them on-farm. The proposed events are as follows:
• Suckler breeding and fertility – focussing on cow health for fertility, breeding and AI (would ideally like someone who is using AI to host) (May)
• Controlling liver fluke in cattle with Liverpool University – focussing on fluke hotspots on farm and how to manage them (June)
• Cattle handling with Miriam Parker – a perfect handling system is not required, just one that works for that particular farm or someone who is looking to make changes to their own system (June)
• Breeding and fertility (sheep) – ideally someone who is using recorded rams (June, July, August)
• Better beef nutrition to reduce feed costs (Oct, Nov)
• Youngstock health, cattle – focussing on antimicrobial usage and vaccination (Sept, Oct, Nov)
Amy Fawcett, AHDB Knowledge Exchange Manager West Midlands, would welcome a conversation with anyone who may be interested in hosting an event or has other suggestions for event topics.
AHDB’s selection team are also available to run beef or lamb selection for slaughter events.
Amy can be contacted on 01948 710638 or via the details below.